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Corporate Cancer


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Vox Day

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The corporate cancer of social justice convergence is costing corporations literal billions of dollars even as it drives both productive employees and loyal customers away, destroys valuable brands, and eats away at market capitalizations. From Internet startups to entertainment giants, convergence is killing corporations as they focus on social justice virtue signaling at the expense of good business practices, sales, profits, and retaining loyal customers. In CORPORATE CANCER, bestselling political philosopher Vox Day explains how you can fight social justice convergence in your own organization for both personal and corporate profit, and why you must do so if you want to keep your job. Five-time Hugo Award finalist Vox Day writes epic fantasy as well as non-fiction about religion, philosophy, and economics. He is a platinum-selling game designer who speaks four languages and a three-time Billboard Top 40 Club Play recording artist. His books have been translated into 10 languages.

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Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Suche nach FAQ. Corporate Cancer. The corporate cancer of social justice convergence is costing corporations literal billions of dollars even as it drives both productive employees and loyal customers away destroys valuable brands and eats away at market capitalizations. Celine Warlock der Magus World.

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Updated: 28.11.2021
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